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Active shooter training grades officers on shooting skill

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Small Arms Training Updates
Read the article on Small Arms Training Update in the July 2013 Army Magazine.
Army Magazine 2013
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Indianapolis, IN
25-27 April 2014
Event: NRA - Booth no. 4163
Verona, NY
29-30 April 2014
Event: NYTOA
Austin, TX
29 April - 2 May, 2014
Event: TX Tactical Challenge - Booth Number no. 1
Dayton, OH
20 May 2014
Event: OTOA
Fredricksburg, VA
6 June 2014
Event: SWAT for Cops - Sponsor - Simunition
Simsbury, CT
19-21 August 2014
Event: CT SWAT Challenge
Orlando, FL
25-28 October 2014
Event: IACP - Booth no. 1291