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Spare Parts for Protective Masks - FX® 9003

Hard Top Cover and foams

Simunition product no. 8971905SP
Hard Top Cover Foams

Simunition product no. 8971925SP
Goggle Assembly
Lens and Frame.

Simunition product no. 8971970SP
Velcro Replacement
For FX 9003 Hard Top (Pack of 10 sets, 5 left and 5 right)

Simunition product no. 8972030SP
Disinfectant Wipes
1 box of 24 pouches containing 12 individual wipes (total of 288 wipes). One Step Wipe sanitizes surfaces and hands, kills 99.9% germs within seconds. For quick clean-up when soap and water are not available.

Simunition product no. 8971963SP
Antifog Dry Cloths (5 cloths per pack)
Prevents fogging on all lenses, goggles and faceshields. Gently wipe over a clean, dry surface for 10-15 seconds, return cloth to pack for reuse up to 8 times.

Simunition product no. 8972090SP