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United States
Range Program

On-line Instructor Certification Course available for Range Programs. For additional information, go to

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See our slide show for ways to incorporate Simunition® into your range session

The Simunition® Range Program is a service created by Simunition® to help qualified ranges, such as those used by private trainers under contract, to train law enforcement, military personnel as well as responsible armed private citizens, get properly up to standards for the use of Simunition® training products.

If you are an Instructor and would like to join our Range Program, you must fulfill the minimum requirements, which are:

  • Proof of $2 million liability insurance annually
  • Formal agreement to not resell our products;
  • Firearms Instructor credentials from one of the following certified bodies (NRA, Military, Law Enforcement, Technical College or Private Industry ie., Sig Academy, Smith & Wesson Academy, Gunsite to name a few);
  • Mandatory attendance and successful completion of our Safety Certification Course;
  • Agree to follow the Simunition® Safety Guidelines;
  • Agree to purchase the full FX® Training System including the ammunition, conversion kits and Protective gear.

If you agree to meet all of the above requirements, simply complete the following Application Form to begin the approval process.

For NY, MA, ME, NH, VT, RI, CT, MI, PR
Download the document and send by fax 1-860-404-0169 or by e-mail at
For AR, MS, AL, LA, ND, SD, MN, WI, IA, TX, NM, OK, KS, MO, NE, IL
Download the document and send by fax 1-240-477-8026 or by e-mail at
For HI, NV, AZ, WA, OR, CA, CO, WY, MT, UT, ID
Download the document and send by fax 1-860-404-0169 or by e-mail at

We give free seminars around the US to promote and demonstrate our Simunition® FX® Training System. At the seminar, you learn topics such as :  

  • How a training tool can allow you to train in a safe, yet realistic environment;
  • Why traditional firearms training fails us when we most need it;
  • How to condition your students to improve critical skills and their decision making ability under stressful conditions;
  • How to get your students as close to reality without compromising safety.

At the seminar, you will need to bring:

  • Trousers, light jacket or shirt that will conceal a pistol. Your personal concealment device/holster is best;
  • No live weapons nor ammunition are permitted during this seminar.  

Seminar Duration: 3 hours

Cost: None

  • None are scheduled.

To organize a seminar or get information:
Phone: 1-800-465-8255